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The Tile Collection

It is impossible to plan your perfect bathroom without including the unrivalled impact of tiles in your design thinking. We offer you no fewer than six tile collections, each inspired by period decorating styles and designed to give you infinite creative options. 


Sub Categories

Plaza tiles are all about glamour, an opulent re-imagining of the Golden Era of the 1920s. These make magnificent companion tiles for our Astoria Deco ceramic ware collection – or consider them to create a dramatically retro backdrop for any of our other collections.

Another prestigious effect, this time using a square format in a choice of subtle earthy shades. The highly distinctive detailing is achieved using the small Elizabethan Mosaic feature tiles.

An exquisitely simple look created by teaming a choice of main background tiles with the accompanying feature tiles.

These elegantly elongated tiles can be laid in a variety of ways to create a highly individual effect. They can be arranged offset, as here, or in the classic square and herringbone patterns you will find over the page.

Here is a distinctive way to capture all the essential elements of a period home in a single ceramic tile collection. Skirting, lower all panelling, dado, border, even the appeal of crisply striped wallpaper – all these influences have been skilfully brought together thanks to the exceptional skills of our expert tile craftsmen.

If you are planning a bathroom with an authentic period feel, then this collection will give you the irregular hand-made look and aged patina of tiles first fixed a century or more ago. But, unlike original tiles, these gloriously rich and deep glazes won’t stain or discolour as the years go by.

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