The Accessories Collection

Just as in haute couture, ultimate success in fine bathroom styling demands a keen awareness of the importance of accessories. With ultimate quality and detailing, Imperial makes it beautifully simple.


Sub Categories

Every glass is fully encapsulated to permanently seal out the damp and each frame is crafted in heavy brass before being hand polished in a choice of finishes.

Every mirror here is hand-crafted from solid wood in our own workshops, with finishes to complement all the furniture in the Imperial collections.

Slim and elegant shapes create a perfectly understated way to organise your bathroom life.

With its simple hexagonal wall mounting Astoria is an ideal way express  every detail of your Art Deco bathroom styling ideas.

Pleasingly geometric forms and the use of ceramics instead of glass allows Dexter to bridge the timespan between traditional and contemporary with ease.

Gleaming white ceramic designs provide a perfect companion look for the smoothly flowing forms of the Imperial ceramic ware collections.

The bright sparkle of faceted crystal glass finials gives Pimlico its highly distinctive look.

Sophisticated chrome is teamed here with bold ceramics in black that echo the strong lines of our classic ceramic ware collections.

With the strong square forms of its fixing points and finials, Highgate makes a bold contemporary statement.

Classically styled chrome work and frosted glass is an inspired combination, giving an effect that’s full of character.

With its distinctive baroque-style curl Istia is an inspired choice to complement a classically indulgent bathroom space. 

A perfect fusion of gleaming chrome and pure white ceramic details. Rondine is a natural accessory choice to complete any of our ceramic ware collections.

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